February 17, 2014

Pair of Pencil Skirts

On Thursday I decided to break my jewelry making pattern by diving into new sewing projects. I took a good hard look at my fabric stash and decided the fate for most pieces of fabric. I have had this plaid olive and navy wool for a long time and it became a basic pencil skirt to wear with a few sweaters and blouses I already have. It turned out a little bit too big and I am too lazy to fix it for just that smidge, but I am going to adjust my pattern to reflect the actual desired size.

The second pencil skirt is made from the same pattern but out of a very special fabric. This digital print cotton sateen (printed by Spoonflower) is a print I designed and had printed to use for my senior collection last year. This particular piece of fabric never made it into that collection and was sitting awaiting its destiny, and seeing as I didn't have anything in my own wardrobe with this print I designed and love, it became a skirt for me! I then wore it out to dinner with friends on Saturday night so please forgive me for all the wrinkles!

In the background of these photos you can see the skirt in its original colorway from my senior collection, sadly that skirt is a size 4 so I cannot wear that one!

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