February 26, 2014

Corsets and Stays

I realized I never got any good pictures of the peachy Edwardian corset, and these aren't much better really! I tried, a while back, to get pictures of the corset on me but those turned out a bit too risque for the internet despite my best efforts to be prim. Corsets are underwear after all! But here are a few more pictures of my pride and joy!

The dress form is no where near curvy enough for this corset! 
which gives the corset a rather ugly uneven lacing gap, but on me I promise it fits like a glove! and there's the brocade dress I'm working on behind ha ha
Next for me on the corseting front are two more Victorian styles! The first will be an overbust Victorian style from the 1880's like the one below only in a marbled print cotton I fell in love with at Joanns.

And then a modern-ish underbust corset in this valentines-tastic red and pink poly brocade again from Joanns.

And of course I am still finishing my latest pair of 18th century stays! The binding is almost over, thank goodness, and then all I will have left to do are the hand bound eyelets! Oh stay making, not my favorite activity!


  1. This is so enchantingly beautiful! I can certainly see why it's (rightfully) your pride and joy. Amazing work, sweet dear, you so (underline that a thousand times) talented.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks so much Jessica! It was a stressful sewing project, but a rewarding one! <3


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