January 31, 2014

Marcelle Wave, a New Tool for 20's Hair

I'm back from my little sojourn to the country's capital and have found myself stuck with a cold! So I was extra lazy today when I should have been unpacking and doing laundry. Instead I spent the day researching all kinds of things, including 20's hair as I am obsessed by its mysteries as usual. I was looking at modern waving irons but then decided on a whim to look and see if Etsy had any of the 20's originals. Well good old Etsy never lets me down and there were many to choose from! I decided I'd rather try the real thing and get this, they were cheaper than their modern counterparts too. I just have to figure out how to heat these up without singeing off my hair!

My new lovely set of original irons, I can't wait for them to arrive so I can try them out!
I think I may try clamping one of my big modern curling irons around the barrels of these antique ones to heat them up. I'll have to think of something else if that doesn't work but I'd rather not use the stove if I can help it, no matter how accurate that technique may be! I'v thought of resting a clothing iron on them too as that's how we heated up our millinery tools/irons in school so it aught to work for these too. In any case, I'm excited to try out some original marcelle waves on my bob! I have more DC-tastic posts coming for you later in the week, but until then I am going to battle this cold I'v caught and try and get some chores done!

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