December 8, 2013

Twenties Cleopatra Dress : Finished for Now

After months of little by little progress the most tortured Cleopatra dress is finished! Sadly, though I bought all of the gold trim they had left at the store, it wasn't enough to trim the last sleeve! Anguish! I am hoping they will get more in stock sometime soon so I can finally finish this dress once and for all! I apologize for the rather crummy photos in this post, we are having freezing cold weather so I had to go for all artificial lighting and they didn't come out well at all. I will get some photos of the dress being worn next weekend so you all can see what it really looks like!

Overall I am happy with how this costume came out. The silhouette came out very early twenties, even 1919-ish but I don't mind as it suits my hourglass figure better anyway. Yes the sewing is far from impeccable, but for something I made up as I went along I don't think it's too bad. I am also keeping in mind that this was intended as a Halloween costume not a historical reproduction. I think it will function well as just that, a Halloween costume, and also could pass for a early twenties evening dress. The fabrics being mostly polyester and not silk are also hindering this design from looking its best and that is something I really couldn't do anything about from the start. I am excited to explore this period more and make something even more accurate and less fancy dress looking.

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