December 27, 2013


1. Cleo being her usual adorable self :)
2. A quick selfie before attending an ugly sweater party, I chose to wear an 80's sweater as opposed to an ugly one. In fact I rather like that sweater!
3. Later that night my fabulous friend Gina made nutella milkshake cocktails, delicious!
4. Hanging beaded snowflakes on the tree
5. The finished tree
6. My genuine beetle brooch arrived from Thailand!
7. Finishing the edges of the holidress! All it needs now is buttons and it will be finished
8. Cleo in a bag being silly
9. Peppermint crunch cake from Whole Foods for Christmas Desert! So good!

I had a lovely and quiet Christmas with my family chilling out and watching movies. It was really nice to relax for a bit and I did get all the sewing done on my velvet holidress! Photos to come later this weekend

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