October 5, 2013

New Additions

Even though I am trying my best to save money, I can't help but give in and pick up a few little rewards for working so hard and sacrificing all of my creativity time! I picked up these adorable flower earrings from forever21 and think they are so perfectly vintage looking! The rhinestones are arranged on a little atomic looking starburst making the earrings look kinda mid-century modern. I couldn't decide on a color so I ended up with three, which since the earrings were $2.80 a pair wasn't so bad! They are actually now on sale for under 2 dollars a pair so if you like them now is a good time to buy!  (I promise forever21 isn't paying me haha)

I also picked up a silver collar necklace in shiny silver to match my new vintage brooch! Etsy is my favorite place to pick up vintage pieces when I am looking for specific pieces. I have been wanting to add more mid-century modern looking pieces to my collection and love the space age style of this brooch!

I shouldn't be shopping but I really love these new little additions to my jewelry collection!

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