October 27, 2013

Cleopatra Progress

The Cleopatra costume *sigh* the costume that would have been if I were not so incessantly busy! I have actually started it, I took apart an old slip I never wear and made a sorta pattern out of it. I used this make-shift pattern to construct a vaguely 20's shaped bias cut under-dress in very shiny gold lame to wear as the base layer of this costume. Sadly due to time constraints I doubt this costume will be done by Halloween night, which isn't so bad since as I am not going anywhere anyways!

I do want to finish this costume because I feel like with a different under-dress (something like plain navy or green) this dress could still be an appropriate 1920's costume for any season. As Egyptian revival was such a huge trend in the twenties I feel like I could still get away with this dress year round. The over dress is going to be made out of a lovely navy blue poly chiffon with a golden outer finish. I found the fabric in London which makes the dress even more special to me! I am planning on hand painting and embellishing the drop-waist belt-ish portion. The little draped half cape thing will be pinned on as part of the costume and not worn when I wear it as myself not Cleopatra!

I also bought supplies to make an epic headdress to wear with this costume, but I have yet to start it of course! That is my goal for this evening, to start the headdress using millinery canvas as a base and building it up with layers of glitter, sequins, feathers and beads! Check back later this week to see how it comes out!

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