September 2, 2013

Strapless Stays Progress

After I finished sewing all of the many many boning channels I began to cut my heavy duty zip-ties to size and sand down the corners. This is hard work! I rounded the corners of each cut piece of boning by sanding them against high grit sand paper which works great but wrecks havoc on your hands, I had a nice big blister on my finger afterwards but at least it was over!

Now it is time to attach the brocade outer fabric and bind the stays. That's the thing about stay making, after every step you are thinking "whew thank god that part is over!" then you realize you have to sew on the binding which is just as tedious! I cant say stay making is my favorite activity! I haven't made a regular 19th century corset in such a long while I am quite looking forward to it! I will be making a waist cincher for my Halloween costume this year and it is going to seem so easy I can't wait! More on that at a later date!

I start a new job this week (full time!) but I hope to continue posting just as regularly but if I disappear for a while, you now know why!

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