September 7, 2013

Faux Croc Skirt

Last weekend my friend Gina and I went downtown for a girls night to celebrate me getting a new job but I decided I had nothing to wear! Luckily being a seamstress comes in handy in these situations! I decided to trow together a new pencil skirt to wear. I chose to use up some faux croc/snake skin fabric that had been in my stash forever and some nice black wool I got for free when my school was clearing out fabric scraps.

I think the whole project came together really well seeing as I decided that morning I wanted to make a skirt and wore it out that evening. I made a basic pencil skirt pattern using some directions from my pattern drafting book and my measurements and then separated the front and back into panels eliminating the darts at the waist. It fit pretty well seeing as I only tried a weak muslin mock up of the basic pencil skirt pattern on to see if I was in the right ballpark size wise. I am most proud of the zipper in this skirt because I normally use invisible zippers but was out and had to use a regular zipper since that was what I had on hand. I hadn't done a regular 'railroad' style zipper since freshman year of design school and it was because I found it difficult then! In fact the zipper was super easy and I love how clean it came out! success!

the back
You will have to excuse the cat hair, black wool + cats is just asking for it! look at the zipper though! 
I started working this week at my first real full time job. I have to say it has been really hard waking up early everyday but the job itself is great and I move around a lot all day so it will be great as an instant work out too! Which is good because all my energy and time is gone after I get off and even just blogging becomes a difficult task! I will stick with it though, even if my sewing has to slow down a bit. At least soon I will be able to buy more fabric :)

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