August 8, 2013

Gown Re-do - Patterning

 It was time to draft a new bodice pattern for my redo of my old brocade l'anglaise. Because I didn't have much fabric I made the bodice pattern into a quartered back style gown. I consulted Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion and photos of extant gowns while modifying my old standby 18th century bodice pattern. I added about a half inch to the side seams knowing my last few bodices have been short waisted. My current pattern fits very well so I didn't have too adjust much.

I had just enough extra fabric to cut out the new bodice pieces. The front bodice was cut away as this gown will be worn with a stomacher. I knew I had very little fabric and I will somehow have to squeeze new sleeves out of the old ones, which are quite oversize so hopefully I can manage it. I didn't have any good fabrics for lining in my stash so I used a scrap piece of the same fabric I will be using for the underskirt and trimmings. I am excited to start sewing everything together and see how it looks!

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