August 23, 2013

Brocade Strapless Stays

I have decided to take my trusty old stays pattern and make a quick pair of fully boned strapless stays. I need a stiffer more conical pair of stays for more 1760's-1770's costumes as opposed to my half boned "prow front" stays more appropriate for the 1780's. I added 5/8 of and inch on the back edge since this pattern has been rather small on me lately. I cut them out of some spare cotton and for the outer layer some leftover ivory brocade from the "renaissance" skirt I made earlier this summer. The shape is based on some of the extant strapless stays in collections like the ones below.

ca. 1780, MET
ca. 1765-1775, Memorial Hall MA
ca. Mid 18th century, Philadelphia Museum or Art
I'm going to be fully boning these with heavy duty zip ties as I am fresh out of whalebone :) I want a pair of stays with a more stiffly conical shape. I hope to be able to wear these under the new gown redo I just finished which I will hopefully get pictures of this weekend!

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