July 19, 2013

Earrings from Buttons

I love vintage earrings but I can't stand the clip on backs! So whats a girl to do? I for one usually convert my vintage buys to be post back earrings but it can feel wrong to desecrate such nice jewelry! I have some signed pieces that I haven't converted to post backs but that means I never wear them. One alternative is to make new earrings that look vintage and today I have two ways to do just that yourself!

The first method is to find some cute buttons and convert them into earrings! Just get yourself some buttons and some earring post backs from your local craft store. You will also need a wire cutter and super strong glue, I recommend E6000.

Buttons with holes for sewing them on don't need this step but for those with loops (shanks) on the back you will need to cut these off.
Just slice them off to create a flat back to glue the earring post backs too
Use a semi-generous blob of glue to secure the new earring back to the button
Let sit upside down and the glue set for 24 hours! That's it!
I was so glad to get these earring backs, I got mine at Hobby Lobby. I really wanted a pair of those classic vintage beaded cluster earrings you see all the time but again all the vintage pairs I came across had clip on backs. So I decided again to DIY, this time using these little pierced round discs I also found at Hobby Lobby. These were surprisingly difficult to make, its hard to get the arrangement of beads onto of the discs to sit nicely and fit well together.

These little pierced discs are the key to those typical beaded cluster earrings
I used this really thin clear thread to string on the beads
Secure your thread to the back of the disc
I found its best if you put a larger bead in the center
then add the rest of the beads around the first
secure the thread in the back 
glue the earring back over the threads in the back
again let the glue set for 24 hours
Voila! new vintage style earrings! Unfortunately the button selection at Joanns has shrunk significantly over the past few years limiting local options but etsy could be a great place to find cute vintage options. This is a really cost effective way to grow your retro accessory collection without having to pay the cost that sometimes comes along with vintage.


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