January 31, 2021

Wish Listed


A Lilli Ann suit is on many a vintage loving gal's wish list. I found one for a bargain years ago and have cherished that fleck navy number since. Of course as a devotee of black clothing, a black Lilli Ann suit had always remained another vintage collecting dream (or as they are sometimes called "unicorn") find for me and my wardrobe.

Which was when I spotted this Black velvet trimmed Lilli Ann from 1952 for sale on Etsy at the end of truly terrifically terrible twenty twenty, I pounced. How often do vintage suits in my measurements pop up at all, but a black Lilli Ann? It's an investment, and they aren't making anymore suits from 1952, so I'll try not to feel too bad about adding this to my closet. Here is the original ad for this suit as shot by Richard Avedon for Vogue in 1952. 

And it does fit quite perfectly. I've paired it with pale mint gloves, a velvet belt (I've got the original belt too but it's pretty fragile), my suede heels from Remix vintage shoes, and a flocked vintage clutch handbag. Wish I could get a hold of more of these back seam fishnets but I have no clue when or where I picked them up!

Stay safe out there.


  1. It's gorgeous! I can see this being such a beautiful addition to your wardrobe, with so many ways to style it with accessories.

  2. So chic! And fits perfectly. Lucky you. K

  3. For some reason the photo for the original Vogue ad isn't showing up. I'm so jealous of that suit, it looks amazing on you.

  4. I love this - elegant, dramatic and edgy all in one! Kx

  5. Congratulations on finding such a superb suit! The look and fit are spot on for you and you will always have a space in your wardrobe for this particular outfit I am sure. Just perfect.

  6. Gorgeous! I have a pair of Spanx brand seamed fishnets...spendy but they've lasted 7 years. Maybe they still make them?


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