November 1, 2020

Victorian Vampire

Happy belated Halloween! I got to wear this gown for a bit to take these photos yesterday, and it must be the first time I have dressed up on Halloween itself for a very long time.

I've been working on this 1880's gown for the last month, documenting the process over on YouTube. I'll be making a day bodice, a ball gown bodice (sleeveless, more open neckline...), and a few more fixes on these skirts too...but before then I have to take a bit of a breather! This silk was from SilkBaron, but they are out of this shade currently. The color was called Elphaba and it is jusssst sunning really.

This really is a dream project and gown for me. I hope you like it! I'll take some less "vampy" photos too when I finish the day bodice next ;) 

PS: Also, I didn't magically grow this much hair, 'tis all false!


  1. You finished it in time!!! And it looks amazing!!!

  2. Dear Bianca,
    Shall I say delightful? Or fearfully frightenly delightful?
    It's a super dress, and the trims and accessories and location are just right. Will have to go find the video series.

    Very best,

    Natalie in KY where it has frosted buy not snowed

  3. It's so pretty! I have an 1889ish party this weekend and have been repeatedly watching your videos to keep me motivated. Major inspiration!

  4. Lovely Bianca,

    This delicious confection is absolutely stunning! A feast for the eyes! I can barely wait to see the companion pieces...I am quite certain that they will be just as stunning. I adore bejeweled insects, and I love your bee design/logo/tattoo. I can just imagine the comb centered (reminds me of a mantilla) and draped with black lace. I am in awe of your talent! Bellisima!

    Side note: With your make up done that way you looked so very familiar. Who? Then it struck me...You quite resemble a young Demi Moore. Google it! It's uncanny.


  5. This outfit is just stunning, it is so beautiful. You are very talented, it must have taken hours of work. I watched your YouTube vampire video yesterday, it really made me smile.


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