October 1, 2018

Carnelian Caveat

Sometimes you just don't have the right hat for the ensemble, so what's a gal to do? This light beigey wool beret style hat almost worked, but I needed some red up at the top of the look! I ransacked my box of feathers and came away empty handed. However, I
 did find some red felt that could work. So I made my own feather, tacked it on my hat, and went on with my day!

Got to get my color coordination together despite not actually having a full rainbow of accessories at my fingertips just yet ;) These new carnelian Alice's from Royal Vintage Shoes are just a tad bit more of a brick/darker shade of red than either of the two red wool hats in my collection, hence the improvisation. I was a bit surprised how red the shoes were in person, having imagined them a bit more orange leaning, but the red reality did mean I had several accessories to match already-- like these gloves and even my darker red toned plasticflex clutch! The shoes are wonderfully comfortable, like all Royal Vintage Shoes are in my experience, and just gorgeous. The cut outs and scalloped edge in the front are very pretty and yet feel sturdy despite looking like lace. I do still need to spray the suede with some protector I also picked up from RV before we start getting wetter weather though!

On a more personal update, if I can add my usual cadre of complaints (I'm so fun): As I mentioned a bit in my last outfit post I have been struggling with feeling very frustrated lately, and while that hasn't gone away...it has morphed a bit into more of a "well, nothing's going to get done or happen when I would like it to anyway, so might as well give up for right now" sort of feeling, which is actually a bit of an improvement. I have moved from anger to acceptance...wait, what is this, grief?! I have a very full week ahead with a ton of work to do at the ol' day job and two (this doesn't sound like much, but I am an introvert dears) planned social things eating up even more time. Which means I will not get to edit the manuscript this week, and also that I will barely scrape out a video next weekend let alone get any writing done! Being unable to progress with the manuscript when it is so close to being "done" makes me so endlessly frustrated.

One of you, most patient visitors that you are, did leave me some excellent words of wisdom however which I hope they will not mind me reiterating for you here. "Please cherish this time, you are pursuing what's important to you. Your conviction, that these things are important, is a strength. Try not to define progress in a way that destabilizes you." Wise words from Lily, and thank you again.

This is not time wasted. What a powerful idea, because that is exactly what my brain is always telling itself, that I am wasting precious time that I cannot get back. But no one takes score of how long you lived with your parents, or how long it took you to pay off your student loans, or how long it took you to get that novel ready to publish in the end. No one is accounting that time, measuring it and deciding you used it "wrong". Time spent learning, healing too even occasionally, time spent working on something you love is not time wasted. A lesson, apparently, I really ought to learn.

Jacket, Skirt, Clutch, Hat, Earrings, Scarf, & Gloves: Vintage (scarf thrifted)
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes
Fishnets: Amazon


  1. Thank you for that last paragraph, I really needed to read that right now. And I get you on the social thing! Those events always take time I'd rather spend by myself sewing!

    1. Exactly! Who has time for socializing when there is so much sewing to be done?!

  2. This look with all the red is so lovely. I would never have put those colours together but you make it work perfectly. Your post has made me look at red in a new way. And the shoes are just amazing! Kx

  3. What a lovely surprise, I wasn't expecting that! Truly, the attention you give to your sewing, writing, blog and channel is so inspiring.

    As for your update - “Being unable to progress with the manuscript when it is so close to being "done" makes me so endlessly frustrated”. Doesn't it also offer some pleasure? I love that feeling of having something, away from professional and social engagements, that I can't wait to get back to.

    I also love what you said in your last paragraph. Look at it with the doubt taken out (sorry, language teacher showing):

    This is not time wasted. This is precious time. Time with your parents, while you pay off your student loans and get that novel ready to publish. Time spent learning; healing too. Time spent working on something you love is not time wasted… A lesson, apparently, you are learning.

    ~ Lily

    1. Thank you again Lily! The book is so near done it is merely frustrating that it really isn't completely "finished", one last damn edit! Though the sequel is indeed very fun to work on and I cannot wait to get back to it. Sadly even if I lived here at home forever I doubt I'll be paying off my loans for another few decades at the very least barring some miracle. Unfortunately I cannot remove doubt from either my journaling or my thoughts at present.

  4. What an amazing look! I love the beige/brown and red combo - it's so perfect for the season. Finding a way to finish off the hat with what you had on hand was a great bit of improvisation, and it looks fabulous.
    And those are some wise words indeed. Good luck with the manuscript and everything else!

  5. Okay, this outfit! Seriously it is a show stopper! And I love how brilliant you were in creating your own feather! Felt feathers were totally a thing too in the 40s! Of course you knew that!

    I'm sorry you've been feeling frustrated lately. I am very familiar with that feeling too.


  6. I needed this today. Until very recently, I have been volunteering my time at my museums. I've gotten lucky with a graduate assistantship this year, but that goes away in May when I will back to volunteering since job prospects are ~bleak~. I love the thing I do and I need to take it at my own pace.

    On another note, from the tiny bits of information you have given us about your novels, I am beyond excited to read them. I don't much care how long you need to do it, I'll be ready.


    1. Thank you Chae! I can imagine finding paying museum work is very difficult indeed, but I also know how museums are super amazing to work in, so I understand why you persevere and carry on!


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