September 13, 2017

Butterick Fashion Magazine Autumn 1940 - Part 2

Time for this week's set of images from the Butterick Fashion Magazine from Autumn 1940! See the first set of imagines here in my first post from last week. I kept these scans of the pages quite large so feel free to zoom in on them and inspect the details and text accompanying the drawings. Once again you are most welcome to save, share, pin and use these images how ever you like, after all, they aren't mine they once belonged to Butterick! (Still do? is there copyright on images from 1940 still?) 

The styling again is super inspiring in these images, and they still make me want to amass more hats and matching colored accessory sets. Fall fashion inspiration abounds! Enjoy ;)

1 comment:

  1. The 40s might be my favourite decade for tailoring skills.

    Drat, now I'm going to spend all day thinking '40s or 30s?'.


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