February 10, 2016

DIY 40s Faux Fur Tilt Hat

Recently I showed you all how to make a faux fur collar to dress up your favorite coat, but what to do will the left over faux fur? Make a super fun little 40's tilt hat of course! Making this fun little hat is super simple, you will need...

-Length of faux fur
-Wool felt (you can use craft felt...but don't, get some wool or wool blend felt, it's so much nicer!)
-Needle and thread
-Your sewing machine

Start by cutting out two 5 inch (or whatever size you'd like your hat!) diameter circles from felt. Next cut out a 2 inch wide strip of fur and a a second of the felt.

To begin, pin the fur strip around one of the felt circles. Ease the straight edge around the circle,you can do it!

Sew around the edge, then apologize to your machine for sewing two very thick fabrics together.

Turn the hat right side out. Flick and hairs that got caught in the seam out with a spare pin.

Pin the felt strip around the second felt circle, when you reach the overlap trim the strip so there is a 1/2 inch overhang.

Sew around the circle like you did with the fur.

Sew the overlap closed as well.

To sew this same seam on the fur, tape the hairs back and simply whip stitch the edges together as the fur will hide all sins!

Place the plain felt "hat" inside the fur trimmed hat wrong sides together.

Stitch the two together along the edge. To really finish off the inside you can stitch a petersham ribbon along this edge too, but I didn't bother since I'm the only one who will see inside this little hat!

Tah dah! A faux fur hat, it really was that easy! You can now add any additional trimmings you would like, I added a "ribbon" I cut from the same felt as the rest of the hat.

Now I can't wait to wear my new little fur hat with the matching collar! Nothing like a matching set :)


  1. This little hat looks great, can't wait to see the full set together!

    1. Thanks Kate! I'm wearing them all together tomorrow so photos are on the way!


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