May 21, 2015

Pink Blossoms & Black Velvet

The skies are still grey here in Colorado. It has been raining for days and won't let up! I miss the sunshine! I have nice summer dresses I want to wear, but with weather like this they remain hanging unloved in my closet. Though dressing for the rain isn't much fun, I threw on a 1920's style dress to try and combat the gloom today. Sadly my finger waves didn't set as strongly as I would have liked but I ended up liking the way my hair turned out all the same. Sometimes it is nice to switch up my normally 40's/50's inspired look for something more 20's! I would love to add some more 1930's style things into my wardrobe too, hopefully I can do so soon!

Dress: Made by me
Shoes: Target
Tights: What Katie Did
Sunglasses: Amazon (here)
Hat: Vintage
Earrings: Made by me


  1. Very chic, beautiful outfit! It's been raining on and off a lot here lately, and in fact, it's very overcast at the moment, so we might be in for another weekend of rain. I think the old "April flowers, May showers" expression is getting bumped up a month this year!

    Have a great long weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! The expression is definitely a month different this year, I have never experienced so many grey rainy days in a row here in Colorado, we usually have sunshine!

  2. Goodness, this outfit looks simply divine on you! The strong black balanced with the soft finger waves, and floaty deliciousness of your dress is a very striking combination and you pull it off perfectly! I'm seeing a lot of 1930's and 1920's deliciousness on fellow vintage bloggers, and while I can't pull it off myself, it is so great to be able to see how others do it. Lovely! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

    1. Thank you Bonita! I never thought I could pull off 20's dresses, being a curvy hourglass I have always stuck to 40's/50's shapes, but I am just too in love with the 20's not to try it out every so often. I have found certain shapes to be surprisingly forgiving, the bias cut definitely helps :)

  3. I think your hair looks really pretty and sets off the look of this dress do well. Great photos.


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