March 4, 2015

Vintage Ad Spotlight: Coro (Corocraft)

I thought I'd start a little series of posts on great vintage ads and companies I adore finding vintage from today. As you all know I am a collector of vintage costume jewelry (if I say I am a collector, I feel less guilty about my shopaholic tendencies!). One of the best brands of vintage costume jewelry, that can still be readily found today in antique shops and on Etsy, is Coro. 

As a company Coro, called Corocraft in the UK, was first created by Emanuel Cohn and Carl Rosenberger in 1901, but wasn't incorporated until 1943. They had started as an accessories boutique in New York City but later grew into one of the largest costume jewelry manufacturers in the twentieth century. Coro came up with several different lines of jewelry with different 'brand' names in order to sell jewelry to a wide variety of different income level markets. A different and clunkily named company called Richton International Corporation of New York purchased Coro in the year 1957 and continued production into the 1970s. 

I have a few Coro pieces, and would always love to add more to my collection! 

An earlier add from the 40's featuring Coro's patented duette pins that came apart and could be worn apart or as one.
Clearly pearls were it in the 50's!
So glamorous! I'll have a pair of those gloves too please!
This lounging pose doesn't exactly look natural, or comfortable!
This lady's hair is so sleek and her gold pearls match it perfectly!
This wonderful add makes me long for spring even more!
I'm leaning towards the light blue set in the lower right hand corner, I wish I could still place an order!
This is one of the best adds just because it shows us modern gals all the places 50's ladies wore their brooches! I hadn't thought of most of these, on the waist or the hip? Why not!
This set is obviously influenced by Cartier's tutti frutti range! I love tutti frutti, and I am sure I would have been buying all of the knockoffs back in the day. Now even Coro or Trifari versions of tutti fruitti (which are just glass or plastic gems) still sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars! A lot cheaper than Cartier, but you still have to pay a premium for tutti fruitti!
I found most of these images on a great pinterest board I came across, check it out by clicking here. Pinterest and expert pinners are the best, I am not an organized Pinterest person, but I adore those who are. Thank you Pinterest people!

I have to get back to hat making now...oh yes I said HAT making! I'll show you guys soon :)


  1. YES!!!! Okay, Jess, calm down, there! :) Sorry, oh my word, for rather obvious reasons to anyone who knows what I sell, this new post series gets two massive thumbs up from me. I adore learning more about vintage jewelry, be it the kinds of pieces I currently list in my Etsy shop or not, and can not wait for future editions. The fact that this inaugural one kicked off with a look at Coro, definitely one of my favourite costume jewelry brands ever, just makes me adore the whole series even more!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I'm glad you are excited! I too just adore vintage jewelry, I can't get enough of the stuff! :)

  2. What a fabulous set of glamorous adverts! I wish I could go shopping for many of these, including most of the duets range. I like the brooch placement advert, very helpful!

    1. I agree, I'd love to order a few things, it's too bad we can't anymore!


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