March 13, 2015

Paris Fashion Week Favorites

Okay so I know I said I was excited for Paris fashion week, but that was because I was hoping they would bring some glamour to the season! I was a bit disappointed! A least some of the major designers in Paris went for an early 1970's/late 1960's look instead of late 70's bohemian, backwards is the right direction! Perhaps next season we can make it back to 60's/50's and so on.

My favorite show from Paris, by far, was Dries Van Noten. I am always a fan of the way Dries mixes textures and colors and this season was no different.

I mean just look at that! Iridescent sequins perfectly cut from electra jewel beetle wings? Yes, yes, yes! I love the iridescence, plus with them rounded and trimmed you can almost forget that they are beetle bits.

Again I complied some closeups so you can get an idea of the color pallet. I loved the mix of luxurious brocades and beaded fabrics with classic khaki cotton. Since I am planning to make a khaki cotton suit for this summer, now I want to try splitting the pieces up with more luxurious garments for a perfectly Dries inspired look.

Here are some of the looks in full length, as usual the silhouettes of modern fashion don't really appeal to me. Though of course one can take the ideas and colors and apply them to vintage silhouettes.

Was the face jewelry at Givenchy distracting and odd? Yes, but they did it because the clothes were actually a lot more retro inspired and wearable than usual and they wanted the show to have more "edge". I saw a lot of late 30's influence in the clothes, take that center look above, frilled draped dress and a big fur on top! Again at Givency we see amazing luxury fabrics, like the gorgeous brocade on the coat above. I also adore the red beaded number above, the particular shade of red is divine.

I always rely on Valentino to deliver ethereal romantic dreamworld clothes, and again they delivered. I wasn't awed by the entire collection but these pieces stood out to me. The celestial dress in the center especially caught my eye. The collar portion of the third dress above feels Egyptian and I adore Egyptian revival in fashion so that gown also stole my attention. The embroidery and lace piecing was remarkable and couture looking as always, putting my feeble sewing to shame you guys!

More details from Valentino. I liked the feather print they had in several of the looks, I wouldn't mind making a nice bishop sleeved blouse out of the feather print chiffon.

Then Zuhair Murad, which as always was full of red carpet gowns, I can't complain about reliable glamour though. The first gown above is perfect for a glamorous occult ritual or something, which is a vibe I like. The second gown verges dangerously towards prom dress but the fern pattern of the embroidery is rather nice. Then there were the fractle ice patterned dresses which were really pretty, perfect for Elsa from Frozen to wear to a fancy gallery opening.

So that is a wrap on fall/winter fashion for 2015. Personally I am hoping that the 1970's trends boil down to more floaty bow blouses in stores next fall, as I adore a good bow front blouse. I don't even want to begin to start thinking about next fall sewing plans though as I have only just begun to dive into my spring sewing! I have a pattern that seems to work for my panned kimono sleeved blouses, so I have to get back to the sewing room!

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  1. That feather print is memorizing!!! I'd wear it in a heart beat and would wildly love to have a 50s style circle skirt in it that I could poof out all the more with a big, fluffy crinoline.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I need to add more circle skirts into my wardrobe and I too would love a feathery one in such pretty colors. I have yet to add a floofy petticoat to my arsenal of vintage tricks, I can't decide if I would get more use out of a white one or a black!


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