December 23, 2014

Victorian Chemise Plans

 As you all know, I recently finished a Victorian corset and now I need to make a chemise to wear underneath it! I have been looking for ideas and patterns on pinterest and I think it should be pretty easy to put one together. Though all of the extant examples I have found are of course made of white linen, I will be making mine out of black cotton to match my corset. I'll have to make another chemise in white down the line whenever I decide to make a lighter color gown. Until then my preferred black shall reign supreme!

I am hoping to receive a certain Victorian bustle pattern for Christmas, and either way I will be delving into the strange world of late bustle period skirt supports as my first costuming project for 2015. I am hoping to complete an entire Victorian bustle ensemble this upcoming spring! I am going to try and get the chemise done sometime this week but I accept that it may not be possible between the holidays and my busy work schedule! I still want to finish a velvet holiday dress too, so much sewing to do, so little time!

1 comment:

  1. How very exciting! I've always thought that chemises were such an immensely lovely garment. I've never owned one, but hope to someday. I think it would make for such an excellent summertime nightie.

    ♥ Jessica


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