November 18, 2014

Born Pretty Store Review: Nail Art Goodies

Being as obsessed as I am with nail art these days, it was impossible to ignore the cited source of so many nail bloggers goodies, Born Pretty Store. At first I was a bit afraid of ordering from a seemingly random e-commerce site all the way from China but everything arrived, and was safely packed too. Though I will note, the shipping did take five weeks, which for someone as impatient as me was agonizing! However, the shipping was also free so I really can't complain. Onto the fun goodies...

The first thing I wanted to try was nail foils, very thin layers of shining foil on thin plastic that you can stick onto your nails for a sparkling metallic manicure. I am really excited to use these as I always wanted to get one of those minx metallic manicures that were so popular a few years ago.

The tool I was most excited about getting my hands on was this XL nail stamper for doing stamping manicures! I had been using a tiny little stamper so this will be a nice step up and hopefully once I get the hang of it will lead to even more fun stamped manicures! I also picked up two new stamping plates BP-05 and QA92. I especially wanted BP-05 for the Norwegian folk painting-ish design at the bottom of the plate. I have tested both plates and can attest that they are etched well and the designs transfer quite well.

I also picked up these great gold swirl stickers that I have already used and I can report that they work really well! They are super pretty and don't lift off at all. The multicolored swirling water decals are another type nail art I have yet to try. The designs are quite small compared to the size of my nails so I think I will have to use them as an accent nail as opposed to a full manicure design. I also finally invested in a set of dotting tools with various sized ends which will be rather useful for future designs. The tiny roll of super thin tape in the bottom of the photo is known as striping tape and is metallic silver. It can be used to create designs by painting over the tape and then pulling it off creating thin lines, or can itself be used as a sticker metallic line. The last item I decided to try was the wheel of tiny metal star shaped studs which I think will be awesome accents on future galaxy nails.

I am really happy with everything I ordered and was surprised at just how good the quality of each item was for the super affordable prices. Some of these items cost me just 99 cents! Between the great prices and the free shipping, investing in all these nail art tools didn't feel like investing at all!

As a disclaimer I must also add that I purchased everything in this post with my own money and was not provided these products for review.


  1. What a delightfully fun nail art haul! I really like the stamping plates you opted for. Is that an Egyptian type pharaoh image I see on the one on the left? I could see that working fabulously with a 20s Egyptian revival inspired ensemble.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! It is a tiny king tut like visage! I have another stamping plate with lots of ancient Egyptian images on my wish list for just that same 20's idea!


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