October 6, 2014

Fall/Winter Costuming Plans

Now that my last costuming project (my 18th century cotton jacket) is finished and photographed, I have been dreaming of my next project. I have always been so devoted to the 18th century, other than last years Edwardian evening gown, and I think it is high time I step into a new era of costuming. It is time to visit the 1880's!

I know I rarely mention it, but I have been working on a long suffering historical fiction novel for years set in the mid 1880's. I have always loved a good bustle gown, and now it is time to make one for myself! 

First I will need an 1880's corset of course! I think I will use Truly Victorian's 1880 Late Victorian Corset Pattern because I was so happy with how their Edwardian Corset Pattern worked out for me back in January. I can't decide if I should just use a black silk I have in my stash or go buy a fun color like a mint green or bright fuchsia. In any case I will probably use black lace and flossing as an accent color. I can't wait to have a proper Victorian corset!

I want to make a traveling suit, or a walking suit hardy enough for 'travel', not that I will be going anywhere! The patterns above have caught my eye, again these are from Truly Victorian. I think I will go for a simpler over-skirt for two reasons, one being that I am new to the era and shouldn't get too crazy complex for my first bustle, the other because I want to do some geometric black trimming along the edges of the skirt.

I'm currently feeling rather inspired by this lovely taupey grey suit with brown velvet accents. I think I will go for a more cool toned grey and black accents, seeing as I am a black velvet fiend! I'd love to find a lightweight grey wool or even a stripe (in wool or silk) but I will have to see what is around in stores, and what my budget will allow!

One of my favorite local fabric stores has this lovely black moire taffeta (in poly/rayon but it still looks nice) that would make for such a fun 1880's Madame X style evening dress...so I may end up with two Victorian outfits in the works before the year is out! I am still considering what I want to do for this years Your Wardrobe Unlocked contest as well. I have always wanted a Downton worthy 1914 evening gown, so we shall see what else I add to my costuming plate. Of course I still have my wardrobe building sewing to be getting on with too....which reminds me, I need to go sew!

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