October 9, 2014

Fall Colors Chevron Nail Art

Today I have another fun manicure for you all! I always admire the multicolored nail looks blogger Kaylah of The Dainty Squid puts together, so I decided to pick up some of the nail art stickers she uses and recommends. They come in several designs and are pretty inexpensive on ebay, even if they take a while to ship. As soon as I received them I knew what manicure I wanted to try first!

Using fall colors I created a chevron effect with the pointed stickers. I then added a swirling stamp (from the nail art stamping plate I told you all about last week) in copper on a few accent nails.

The stickers in question.

Start by painting your nails the color of the desired center stripe of your design.

Once your nails are completely dry, seriously wait like and hour, pull out your stickers. Place the sticker on some fabric first to remove some of the sticky-ness (these are some strong stickers) and then place it onto your nail.

Paint on the other two colors of your pattern and pull off the sticker gently while the polish is still wet. 

Complete all of your nails and they will look like this! Mine are still pretty messy here, I need a better post-art cleanup routine.

Add a stamped design over the top of a few nails for extra fall flair! I really like these stickers and I am looking forward to creating more designs with them soon. I hope you guys don't mind all these nail art posts, for me it is just another canvas to play with!


  1. How splendidly pretty!!! I love that this palette makes me think of both candy apples and candy corn. It truly is ideal for fall and you did such a great job on this mani, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! I am nail art obsessed currently :P


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