October 28, 2014

A Sewing Update

You know when you have a bunch of sewing projects to do, but you can't even bother to finish the dress you are already halfway through making? Maybe it's just me, but sometimes I just lose my sewing mojo and just can't be bothered for a few days/weeks. It really is a bummer when you have so many nice projects lined up but have misplaced your motivation!

Thankfully, yesterday I finally got some sewing done. I started out small by making a silk sash to match the last 20's dress I made. I can now wear it and will be showing it to you all soon. Then I should have picked up where I left off before, making a lightweight grey and teal plaid sheath dress, but I really didn't want to. Matching plaids gives me anxiety! Instead I started work on a super deco black moire 20's dress. I need something to wear to the VIP showing of the art museum's Cartier exhibit next month. By the way, I got invited to the VIP Cartier showing next month! Ahhhhh! So awesome :)

Anyways, I started with my usual base 20's pattern and was going to be adding an additional flowy skirt but I'v decided to leave it simple and straight. I did do some exciting deco detailing for the sheer back though, so that will be different and fun! I will be sewing on a few hundred sequins to the back as well. The dress is far from done, but I tried it on after today's progress and I am already a bit in love with it!

Another distraction is this piece of exquisite black chantilly lace. I think after I finish the moire dress I will delay my other renaissance/50's dresses once more and move onto a perfectly Downton Abbey worthy lace 20's dress. The lace will become and overdress of sorts and then I can make several different colored slips to go underneath it. I am already thinking a dark red silk slip and another in a medium slate blue (oh and one in peacock teal, and an ivory one...) you get the idea! I will be nervous using such a beautiful (and expensive) piece of fabric, especially as it was a gift from my favorite college professor. I'll have to send her a picture of the dress once it is finished so she can see where her lace ended up!

As if two new 1920's little black dresses weren't enough, I am also planning on turning my last piece of swirl embossed black velvet into a 1920's tabard dress. I love the 20's guys! Someone invite me to fancy speakeasies and the theater so I will have places to wear all of these things! 

As always, so much sewing to do, so little time to do it, but at least as of today my sewing mojo is back and I can get to it!

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