September 30, 2014

PBS's Secrets of on Netflix

Althorp House
This is a historically inclined public service announcement, PBS's Secrets of documentary programs are currently available on Netflix! As I always enjoy learning more about England's beautiful county estates, I figure you guys would be interested too! The series includes Secrets of Chatsworth, Secrets of Althorp, Secrets of Highclere Castle and Secrets of Hampton Court! You will of course recognize Highclere Castle as Downton Abbey and Chatsworth plays Mr Darcy's Pemberley in the 2005 P&P film. Of these estates, I have myself visited only one, Hampton Court! It was such a privilege to walk the same halls that those crazy Tudors walked so many centuries ago!

I really enjoyed watching these programs, make sure to check them out if you too love a great county house!

Chatsworth House
Hampton Court
Highclere Castle
*also, this isn't a sponsored post, netflix isn't paying me :P


  1. Hampton court is one of my favourite places! I think I went to Highclere as a child, but I don't remember much about it. Oh well :)

    1. Hampton Court is pretty divine, I was luck enough to visit twice while studying in England. The Royal School of Needlework is housed at the palace and you can take classes there in the upper rooms of the palace! I took a tambour embroidery class and the whole experience was just magical and I totally recommend their classes. Learning embroidery was great to begin with, but thinking about the women who would have sat in the same rooms five hundred years ago doing the same activity was too awesome to comprehend!

    2. Even though I am not an embroiderer, I think I would consider it just to do a class at Hampton Court! Last time I visited I discovered that you could stay there, through the Landmark Trust and although I didn't do that on my last trip to the UK, I did stay in an old mill in Scotland through them and it is one of the best things I've ever done. One day I will stay in the Fish Court! (Here is the link, if you haven't seen it:

    3. Wow I had no idea you could stay there! (or at any such awesome property!) How cool is that! Definitely now on my to-do list for next time, I would love to say I spent the night in such a historic place!


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