June 1, 2014

New to Me Links!

I can be a bit oblivious sometimes here on the internet, but in all fairness there are just so many sites and blogs out there that I am bound to be late to many a party! I was browsing through Queens of Vintage to find some new lovely vintage gals to follow and discovered quite a few! I thought I would pass on some recommendations for any of you who might be looking to do the same. So on this lazy Sunday I give you, a list of links!

My first recommendation is KarolinesVintage, hailing all the way from Sweden! After a little google translate Karoline's adventures are easy to follow and her outfits and photos are gorgeous! Also her lovely shots in the kitchen of simple European style food make me long for my days staying with family friends in rural France where food isn't all processed and kinds gross like here in America. 

Next up is Mid Century Girl, and wow do I love this blog! The vintage loving Shauna puts together the most amazing ensembles and has a seriously enviable collection of vintage dresses and accessories! Such an inspirational blog to check out for great vintage outfit ideas, I followed her blog before I even finished reading the first page! 

Falling under the category of "how have I not come upon this blog before now!?" is WishWishWish! Carrie puts together really cute outfits (though not always vintage ones) and has amazing photography on her charming blog! I love a blog that mixes lots of things like fashion, travel, beauty and more so WishWishWish is right up my street!

More links to check out? I'v made you a little list of cool stuff I have come across lately!

-Corrine at Stuck With Pins shows us one of her recent branding projects and it is super great packaging! 

-Cotton & Curls is a new-to-me blog where fashion and DIY sewing projects combine in the most stylish way possible!

-Another new-to-me blogger, Jess of Jess Loves Fred! Super cute outfits of the fashion forward verity, I can't help that I love modern fashion just as much as I love vintage! 

-Don't tell me you haven't heard about Blogcadamy Homeschool yet? Get thee to class ladies! This launch was some of the best news I have had in weeks!

-For those of you here wishing I was working on more historical sewing
(so do I, so do I....) check out the awesomeness that is the Dreamstress figuring out how to sew seamed stockings! 

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