April 28, 2014

A Weekend Away

I spent this past weekend away, but not far away, just down in Colorado Springs! I had a wonderful time with friends as we drove around Garden of the Gods park, walked around the mountain town ManitouSprings with its epic penny arcade and finally went to see the historic Broadmoor hotel! It was a super fun weekend and I hope to go back to the Broadmoor soon to see their carriage museum which is apparently full of vintage treasures!

Of course I wore a new 20's dress and heels for the occasion, unfortunately the crazy wind equaled bad hair so you will have to wait for pictures of the dress!

The penny arcade in Manitou Springs was great because they had really old machines, like pre-1920's even, and the best were the old fortune telling and naughty "take a look!" machines! I happily gave up a nickle to see the 30's lady above get undressed for a doctors physical, she didn't even strip down all the way though, I'm sure it was much more shocking in the days before Victorias Secret advertisements. Of course this was no film reel but a flip-book film you turned yourself with the handle. These machines were really fun to see, a total relic from the past ;)

The Boadmoor is a beautiful hotel, built in 1918!

Nothing like a gorgeous hotel full of crazy luxurious interiors to end a day of sightseeing! 

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