March 22, 2014

Finding 1920's Shoes in the Modern World

Evening shoes, Morris Wolock & Co., late 1920's, MET

 Lets talk about shoes, I love shoes, I'v been wearing heels since I was a sophmore in high school! That's why I was sad to discover just how hard it was to find historical shoes out there in the world! Now, thanks to American Duchess, there are some amazing options! I dream of owning a pair of each of her magnificent designs and I definitely have my eye on a pair of red kensingtons in the future. She also makes a great pair of 1920's shoes called the 23 Skidoo which are an amazing option for 20's leather shoes. As for other 20's styles, there is truly only one place to find them, in the dance shoes section! Tango, Salsa, thank goodness for ballroom dancing because the shoes are fabulously vintage in style!

American Duchess 23 Skidoo!
c. 1926, Shoe Icons
Shoe Icons
Shoe Icons
Shoe Icons
Now for some modern options. These dance shoes are a bit pricier than I would usually pay, but they are made to order! That also means most often you can select the heel height and style as well, which is an awfully nice concept! Make sure if you find a pair you like that you select the 'street sole' option so that your new shoes will stand up to modern wearing!

I love these! I think they look very passably 20's, as so many 20's evening shoes were done in brocade!

A lovely silver leather pair, versatile with many dresses!
This style comes in a few different colors and would be extra special with a pair of sparkling shoe clips added!

Again in a patterned fabric! Imagine if you covered the heels of these in rhinestones!

A less flashy style but one I can't wait to invest in! they would match everything!
I would like to note in the end here that this post is not sponsored in any way, I just wanted to pass on this resource for good retro-look shoes! I haven't yet ordered a pair from this company myself but I hope to very soon!


  1. I love t-strap shoes! They flatter every foot and no matter how simple the fabric or cut is, they just have that extra "something" that makes you feel like a classy lady when you put them on. Dance shoes have a wide variety of "old fashioned" styles and are some of the most comfortable shoes, too. Great post!

    1. Thank you! I am really eager to purchase a pair!

  2. I love this post! These shoes seems to be straight out of a fairytale! =)

  3. What a fabulous slice of vintage appropriate shoe heaven! I'd wear any of these pairs, but find myself currently drawn to the last, classic black, pair most of all.


    ♥ Jessica


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