February 10, 2014

Sautoir - The Long Necklace

"sautoir is a French term for a long necklace that suspends a tassel or other ornament." - Lang Antiques

The Downton Ladies at court wearing their long Sautoir diamond necklaces
What lady wouldn't love an art deco sautoir, a fancy word for a long necklace like those sported all season long this year on Downton Abbey. As ever, the show has inspired me to incorporate more 20's into my life and style and though my budget does not stretch to include diamonds, rhinestones I can manage! When I saw the pin/pendant below at Michaels crafts I knew just what I could use it for, a lovely sautoir a' la Downton!

So DIY to get the look for less than $10 dollars! I picked up some pretty silver chain at the same Michaels and added a few crystal clear beads for more sparkle. Not that I have anywhere to wear this necklace yet, but it's best to be prepared to appear art deco fabulous if ever required!

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