November 9, 2013

Style Inspirations : Easy Virtue

Released in 2008, this revival of Noel Cowards 1924 play as a modern romantic comedy may have found little success at the box office, but Easy Virtue makes up for anything it lacks in great costumes! I enjoy this film, some say Jessica Biel falls flat as the trend bold Ameriacan Larita but I didn't think so, she seems a bit took modern which acctually works with the story an therefore isn't too jarring to me. The story centers around Biel's character Larita, who while winning races as a female driver in Monte Carlo quickly falls in love with John Wittachre (Ben Barnes) and they marry and return to his family's country estate in England. Larita is everything they are not, opinionated, feminist, modern and worsrt of all American! She meets resistance with her new husbands mother, played flawlessly by Kristen Scott Thomas, but wins over his stoic WWI vetran father (Colin Firth). Much tension and occasional hilarity ensue as the couple struggle to survive the 'meet the parents' stay at the family country seat.

Most importantly, the costumes are super great! All of Lorita's costumes are designed to set her apart as modern and sleekly art deco in comparison to the stuffy old-world English aristocratic setting. Her day wear is very modern for the time consisting of trousers, wide legged Marlene Dietrich trousers, and beautiful blouses and jackets! I love the outfits she wears throughout the film and her great accessories like expertly draped scarves. When she does put on a dress for evening activities, the two that standout are both light (silver and ivory) and full length. Of these the ivory number is a stunner even if a bit more 30's than 20's in style. I recommend this film not for the costumes alone, but if you (like many it seems I shall concede)  find the story falls a bit flat you will still enjoy this film on teh costumes and setting alone. Plus there is Colin Firth so that's always nice :)

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