November 29, 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas

Here are my best gift ideas for both the ladies and gents in your life, the t-shirts above all come in women's and men's sizes and who doesn't love a set of owl string lights! I also want to note that there is a sale on at my etsy shop, get 15% off your purchase by using the coupon code Holiday13 at checkout! Shameless self promo for you there :) Have a great Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/ Cyber Monday everybody and remember to try and support smaller retailers, real book stores, artisans and craftspeople whenever possible to ensure these great shops and people don't all get eaten by amazon and walmart!

1. Direwolf Winter Lager T-Shirt ($20, only $10 on black friday!) I just bought this t-shirt, I love nothing more than the idea of a slightly nerdy t-shirt and a brocade pencil skirt, street style meets nerd style!
2. Owl String Lights ($24.99) I am owl obsessed so I would love these myself to hang over the headboard of my bed or something, too cute!
3. DFTBA posters ($10) Show your nerdfighter pride, and if you don't know what a nerdfighter is start here!
4. South Beach Beauty Necklace ($19.99) Super pretty and slightly art deco
5. Chalkboard Iphone Case ($18+) I really love the subtle style of this cute iphone case as I am sure any girl would!
6. Hanging Terrarium ($75) Super cool and hand made
7. Minerals T-Shirt ($16) I am still longing for this geological t-shirt
8. Nocturnal Wings Earrings ($26.99) Super cute bug jewelry, the only type of bugs I like to be around really
9. Far Side Earrings ($15) Something different than your normal stud earrings
10. Final Frontier Clutch ($65) I love this purse, I have this problem where I only fall in love with evening bags but seriously this one is so cool!
11. Alexander McQueen : Savage Beauty ($36.98) For any fashion lover, long live McQueen :'(
12. The Hound of Baskervilles ($20) A Sherlock Holmes classic in a gorgeous cloth bound copy
13. Long Way Round ($18.60) My favorite documentary series, follow Ewan Mcgregor and Charlie Boorman as they traverse the world on two motorcycles and be inspired by the journey, I am obsessed with this and their other series Long Way Down! When I am feeling down this adventure series reminds me how big the world is and how much there is to see and learn! also it is on netflix right now so go and watch it immediately!

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