November 17, 2013

Curio Cabinet : Vintage Hats

Today on curio cabinet I would like to introduce my small collection of vintage hats. Compared to most vintage lovers I think my collection is rather small and most of them have been gifts as opposed to items I buy myself.  This first, a brocade pillbox (seen above and below here) is a rather magnificent specimen! I have yet to ever wear this shining 60's glory but perhaps someday I will have a dress worthy of this hat! It was a gift from a boss years ago and though not really my style, is a pretty great example of the style. Most of my other vintage hats were gifts from my grandparents and belonged originally to my great aunt I believe, or some other relation. I would love to expand my little collection but as I currently have no place to wear such nice things it seems unpractical to invest in things I don't get to wear. Perhaps one day I will have a nicer job where such frivolities wouldn't be unpractical and laugh inducing. One can hope!

I love the veiling on this little taupe hat, vintage veiling is the best!
Readers who have been here for a while will recognize this floral hat, I bought it with some of my birthday money this past summer. I just love it!

It is hard to make out all of the detail put into this little velvet hat! it is made up of many panels of velvet and I think dates from the 20's-30's based on the style of the typography on the label and style.

Lastly is this cute little light camel wool beret with great little cut-outs that create a unique texture.
Anyone who has been reading this blog knows I am and etsy addict and that is exactly where I would turn to in order to add to my hat collection! Some current vintage hat desires from etsy below!

1. Amazing 1940's hat with flowers! Would be so great for summer
2. Gorgeous black wool and feather hat, again from the 1940's
3. Another summer stunner, would be amazing with a sundress or summer suit
4. A Schiaparelli! any collectors dream, though this one is a bit worse for wear

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