November 26, 2013

A Closeted Naturalist

I mentioned last week that I had bought some animal bones! I bought them specifically for a video shoot I will be doing this week, but truthfully I have been wanting to start my oddities/naturalist collection for a long time! I wanted to introduce these little bones which will probably be makeing their way into future product and jewelry posts!

A opossum pelvic bone (these are not specific labels, not so scientific sorry!)
A catfish vertebrae, so so so awesome! I can't wait to get some great photos of this bone and create some digital prints for fabric
A white-tail deer vertebrae
A lovely partial raccoon skull!
The details are so beautiful!
Opossum vertebrae and more!
Red fox atlas and axis pair, vertebrae the attach the head to the spine, I love atlas bones I think they are so pretty!
A raccoon humerus
More atlas bones, from an otter and marten respectively, the marten one is so tiny!
I apologize to those who think bones are more creepy than beautiful, but I urge you to reconsider! Nature is amazing inside and out!

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