October 27, 2013

Twenties Long Neckalces

I doubt anyone who loves historic costume doesn't also love Downton Abbey, but for the uninitiated, the show is amazing! Sure its just a fancy soap opera at times, but once you're sucked in, its ever so hard to let go! Also, the costumes are amazingly drool worthy! As the fourth season has begun (oversees, it doesn't premiere in the USA until January) the twenties costumes have stuck to the excellent standard set by previous seasons.

I can't help but adore the new accessories the ladies of Downton have been sporting with their new twenties threads. I love long beaded necklaces and have simply had to make a few new ones to sedate my appetite for all things 20's, sparkling and languid. See the style modeled below by lady Edith (also admire her gorgeous hairstyle! swoon)

See my two newest versions of the long beaded necklace below! Both started with glass beads I found at a new-to-me bead shop that is conveniently on my way home from work. I say convenient but what I really mean is dangerous as they have amazing things and are very reasonably priced! I found both the red starburst and green leaves there by the strand and just love how these necklaces came together! I need to make a lovely 20's little black dress and book a ticket to a ballet or something to have a glamorous Downton style evening of my own!

For those of you who also like the style, but lack the time to invest in stringing tiny seed beads (because seriously these are so easy to make!) check out my store on etsy where I have a few of the extra necklaces I have made for sale. I so enjoy making these but could never keep them all to myself! Use coupon code DOWNTON for an extra 10% off on your order!

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