September 6, 2013

Style Inspirations: Affair of the Necklace

As a fan of the actual historical person Marie Antoinette I cannot actually recommend this movie in good faith, as the amount of historical accuracy in this film is questionable. Though the historical affair of the necklace did indeed take place the translation to film suffers from a few pitfalls. Hillary Swank, though a great actress, doesn't quite seem to fit in the 18th century. Parts of the film are slow and I remember not liking it at all the first time I saw it. I saw it again a few years ago and liked it a bit more on the second watch. The moral of the this story is, the film may be questionable but the costumes are pretty gorgeous!

My favorite costume in the film has to be this green jacket! 

Recognize this jacket from the Kyoto Fashion Museum? it's a copy of an amazing original

 Designed by Milena Canonero, who also designed the costumes for Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, the costumes are my favorite part of this so-so film! I love the green jacket worn by Swank's character (and reused in Marie Antoinette on the Duchess de Polignac when she is shown leaving Versailles) and hope one day to make a replica for myself. The red silk gown above was also re-used in MA on Madam Du Barry.

Overall the costumes are really great in my opinion and one of the best parts of this movie for me. I basically recommend this film on the merit of the costumes alone though there are some good performances in it and I found it enjoyable enough despite the problems. Check it out of you love great 18th century costumes!

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