Wednesday, December 16, 2015

DIY 1950's Kitschy Holiday Brooch

The corsage and the boutonniere are lingering relics of the past, worn now only for high school proms and weddings. Pinning a flower to your lapel was still very much a "thing" back in the early to mid twentieth century, and a bizarre form of such decoration was the kitschy holiday pin! Not a traditional brooch made of metal, but a cluster of faux metallic leaves, berries and perhaps the odd acorn or bauble. I'm not usually one to go for much kitsch when it comes to my wardrobe, but for the holiday season, I'll make an exception!

Which is why I decided to DIY a fun mid-century boutonniere brooch to wear this season! It was super easy to make with a few holiday sprigs from the craft store.

I gathered together some winter berries, leaves and ribbons to arrange into a brooch. I also collected some extra fine wire, wire clippers, and a few pin backs. To make a little boutonniere style brooch, simply select your stems and start twisting them together.

Here I twisted the individual leaf stems around a bundle of berries. Since each berry or leaf is wired individually you can arrange them how you would like with ease.

I decided to add in a few gold berries and a bright blue acorn too.

Being as I was fresh out of plastic gift wrapping ribbons, I took apart a pre-made bow to use for ribbon. This blue happened to match my acorn perfectly. I tied a few pieces of ribbon around the bundle of stems to both cover up some of the messy twist, and to help keep everything together. I curled the ends of the ribbon with the blade of my scissors.

Lastly, I used a short piece of wire to attach a pin back to the back of the brooch. No glue means no waiting for things to dry, but a hot glue gun would work just as well if you have one.

I made a second brooch in gold and green. I think these would look so cute pinned to your coat for a bit of festive cheer. You could use any motif or color combination, I like to think these could be quite no- denominational depending on the choice of materials. They have so many fun little sprigs in the wreath making aisle of craft shops these days.

Here is a detail shot of my finished brooch being worn! Just enough festive fun :) You all will have to wait tilt tomorrow to see the rest of the outfit!


  1. These are officially off-the-charts fantastic! Love x a million!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you! They were rather fun and easy to make, and so fun to wear!

  2. I love these! I don't think I can get the right supplies for this year but I will be saving your great tutorial so I can make them next year!

    1. Thanks Kate! I have always wondered what the UK equivalent of our big craft stores here in the US (Joanns and Michael's) is in the UK, is there such a store in the UK?

    2. There is a national chain called Hobbycraft which has the basics for most crafts but I don't really like it and prefer smaller shops. I work in a haberdashery so that is great for yarn and fabric and sewing notions. I live mid way between Leeds and Manchester so have easy access by train to the larger fabric stores/ haberdasheries that exist there. John Lewis, a national chain of department stores also has a pretty good craft selection.

    3. I forget that unlike here in the US there are still small haberdashery shops and smaller businesses around in the UK! How much more fun that sounds, here in Colorado there are few fabric shops other than the big chain Joanns. I had forgotten John Lewis had a craft section as well. I loved the haberdashery department at Liberty of London too, so dreamy (and expensive!)

    4. Liberty is where I would go if I suddenly came into some cash!


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