May 19, 2015

Summer Inspiration Pin Collection

You guys are well aware how head over heels in love with the safari look I have become these days, I never shut up about it! I have found the perfect pair of brown lace up front boots (just waiting for my paycheck to hit my account and then I can hit buy!), now I need to find some vintage style jodhpurs! I have a few pairs of pants that can sort of pass off as safari-sh, but they aren't high waisted, which is my main problem with them. Since actual vintage jodhpurs are quite rare and very sought after, hence very expensive, I will probably be attempting to make my own! I think a nice brown pair and another in army green?

 I blame my interest turned obsession with the look on this image above (found on pinterest of course). I mean look at this photo!? Tailored equestrienne look, jaunty hat, shaded by tropical looking ferns? Swoon.

And here is a photo explaining why I will be buying a pilth helmet shortly. I want to wear this ladies outfit everywhere! Someone take me on adventures please?

Apparently this is a still from a movie (The Phantom?) I have never heard of, but those jodhpurs! I love the flat smooth front and the fullness being lower on the leg as opposed to straight out from the upper thighs. 

I am also just struck by the 1930's right now, I need some 30's dresses stat! I have a few fabrics in my stash already destined to become 30's frocks. I have a lightweight crepe (poly but looks like silk) in multicolored geometric and dots print that I can't wait to turn into a bias cut 30's day dress. Finding the hats will be a bit more difficult!

I am craving a simple dress like this one in navy blue linen. With red buttons perhaps? I just love the cut of this dress, it shouldn't be too hard to achieve by modifying my kimono sleeve bodice pattern.

Though these ivory/beige colors are calling to me, I am just afraid of such light colors being curvy as I am. Perhaps that is silly though? I mean, look how adorable the above dress is? I especially like that is doesn't have pockets on the bodice as that is much more flattering in my shape! The cuffs and the contrast stitching are really appealing to me. I need to pick up some top-stitching thread next time I am at the fabric shop!

Though my brown cotton suit didn't work out (I need a better jacket pattern!), I still want this suit! The big buttons, the little rounded collar, even the floral corsage still have me craving a more exact replica of this outfit. I have found a really dark navy blue twill and I am definitely considering diving into this suit.

Then of course there is the idea of a proper khaki beige suit in a sharp 50's silhouette. Look how chic the traveler above looks? There is that pith helmet again! I need one you guys!

 So chic! Can I have a plane ticket to Morocco too?

Lastly we have this image which has been reminding me how much I am ready for fun summer color combinations! I love the ocher color of this skirt, especially paired with the aqua and orange in the blouse!

Sadly, the weather here in Colorado has not been cooperating! It has been entirely grey and raining off and on all day, everyday! I want sunshine! At least the rain is giving me no excuse not to stay cozy warm in my sewing room and get some of these projects done before the sun does eventually return!


  1. Oh my word, yes across the board to everything here. Let's just get Tilley hats and long beige skirts or jaunty jodhpurs and set off for a summer of endless adventures, going wherever the winds and treasure maps take us! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I certainly can't get adventure off my mind lately, I may have already ordered the brown lace up boots I mentioned in the post... :)

  2. I really liked all of these outfits and I am looking forward to seeing how they inspire you in your own outfits. I think 1930's fashions are beautiful, I have been looking at knitting patterns from the period recently and wondering if I might knit myself something. I think you should go for the dress, it will look lovely.

    1. Thanks Kate, I have already succumbed and started working on a jodhpurs pattern! So expect those to turn up soon. I am jealous of your ability to knit! I don't know how and always see such lovely vintage sweater patterns and wish I could recreate them for my wardrobe.

    2. If we lived anywhere near each other I would swap you some knitting lessons for some sewing ones!

    3. You have no idea how much I would love to live on your side of the pond as opposed to mine!

    4. Well, if you come over for a visit we can meet up and knit!


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