April 26, 2015

Snapshot: April

1) A tasty fruity drink can be a welcome sight at the end of a long Friday! Especially when it is followed by seeing Cinderllea and a board game with your best friend!

2) Walking around the Fourney Museum! I had such a great time admiring all of the beautiful cars.

3) Working on my long suffering novel, which I finished a draft of earlier this month! I may have been working on this book for over four years now, but it was the first time I wrote the ending!

4) Nervously cutting into some jungle print cotton from Liberty of London that I have been saving since I bought it back in 2012.

5) Matching my gingham squares down the front of my new gingham dress!

6) The best evening plans are Indiana Jones viewing plans.

7) Working on my Ankara dress, the fabric is super easy to work with!

8) My bustle dress fabric arrived all the way from India and I bought a new book about Africa.

9) My favorite show is back on the (digital) airwaves! Seven blessings!

10) I am really enjoying the nice spring days. I have become a windows down driving person even, that's how much I am enjoying nice weather!

11) You didn't think you could escape without seeing one of my cats did you? This is Gunny lounging and being adorable as usual.

12) A manicure from earlier thins week. I have been really into using some sheer coats of pastel jelly polishes and then layering a pattern over that in a color. This time it was green circuit boards over sheer white. 

I think I should start listing what I have made each month when I do these snapshot posts, so lets see...The wax print dress, navy and red cotton dress, fern print chiffon blouse, gingham dress, green vest. I made a brown skirt yesterday too, but you guys haven't seen that yet.

This image of an endlessly chic lady in a summer suit is what has inspired my current project. I am making a cotton skirt and jacket set in a medium brown, sort of a warm milk chocolate color. I finished the skirt yesterday and am happy with it, now I have to tackle the jacket! I am not doing any tailoring or extra special stuff with this jacket, it's less of a suit jacket and more lightweight. I have see examples and vintage patterns of this style of matching two part ensembles from the 40's before. I have never made a jacket for myself before so we will see how it goes! I am excited about the potential of the resulting outfit!

I was hoping to find a darker brown fabric for the project, but between my two fabric sources (Colorado Fabrics- and excellent shop with amazing beautiful things, and Joanns-which is a typical Joanns) I couldn't find anything in a nice deep mahogany or rich umber like I had been hoping to. I may end up making another skirt once I find a darker fabric. There is an a-maz-ing tobacco brown wool at Colorado Fabrics right now that I want to buy but can't figure out what to make from it. It's quite lightweight, perhaps too lightweight for a pencil skirt, but also is very "wool" looking which makes it seem odd for anything summery. We'll see what happens next time I stop by there, I get into trouble very easily at fabric stores!

Other exciting things? STAR WARS! Have I ever mentioned to you guys that I am a bit of a nerd? just kidding, I am a major nerd. I love Star Wars, so I was super excited about the new Star Wars VII trailer. Watch it here if you have been under a rock for a few weeks.

Now that my fabric has arrived from India, I need to get started on my bustle dress! I plan on taking a swatch of the printed cotton to the store with my this week to find a matching solid to make the rest of the dress from. Even though I have 9 yards of the print, I know that won't be enough for the bodice, over-skirt, and the under-skirt. This is the most drawn out project of all time! I really want to get going on it so I can have it finished this century.

So, what was the most exciting thing that happened in April for you? April has flown by! I can't believe it's nearly over already! I need to get moving on so many things! I time flying for anyone else out there?


  1. Wow, way to go on creating so many garments this month. I look forward to seeing your brown skirt, if you share it with us.

    Gosh, it's hard to believe that April is as good as over. How can we be a third of the way through this year already? Where on earth did it go? I guess the perk to that though is that winter is finally over (yay!).

    Have a great tail end of the month,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! It's funny you day "so many" because as I was typing up this post I was thinking "Goodness, I had to have made more than that right? Can that really be it?" but perhaps I am too hard on myself! You will see the brown skirt soon I assure you :)

  2. I enjoy these monthly snapshots. I don't have Sky so I have to wait for Game of Thrones to come out on dvd. I know it will be ages! I totally love that series.

    1. Thank you Kate! I'm so sorry you have to wait that long for each series of Game of Thrones! It is definitely one of my favorite shows, and the costuming is beautiful!

    2. I agree, the embroidery on some of the outfits is just glorious.


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