April 17, 2015

From Snow to the Serengeti

Because we here in Colorado are in day two of snow (once again), and I can't really compel myself to pull on a sweater and coat again, today I decided to pull out one of my favorite editorials from Vogue's past for you all to enjoy. I actually have the pages from this issue torn out and filed away. In high school (when I first got interested in fashion) I would buy Vogue and Elle religiously and always tore out inspiring pages to save. As a result I have two thick binders full of magazine pages from 2006-2009ish in my sewing studio. I rarely pull them out to look through them, but I know for a fact this 2007 editorial with Kiera Knightly in Kenya is one I saved. I love this editorial, I want to jump inside these images right now and be on a grand adventurous safari instead of looking out my window to a sea of white and snow.

So for today, let us escape into the pages of Vogue...

give me this suit!

All photos: Vogue, June 2007
Photographed by Aurthur Elgot


  1. All of this. I'll take it all. Safari/Adventurer looks are among my favorite styles. And I am constantly on the look out for fresh pieces to add to my closet that evoke that look. This is a great series with Knightly. And I am for sure going to pin some of these!


    1. I totally agree, your own lady adventurer outfits are super inspiring! I have definitely pinned a few ;) I am planning on making a few safari style things soon, I just need to go out and find good khaki colored fabrics!

  2. I like the one of her and the airplane and the dress in the final one. It was actually sunny here today so that was a nice surprise!

    1. That airplane shot is just fabulous, I want a safari inspired suit and that picture is not helping to heed my cravings!


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