April 20, 2015

Dreaming of New Shoes...

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 Having recently completed sewing a few new frocks for the upcoming warmer months ahead, I have been pinning (and pining for) some new shoes to wear with them. Above are four decidedly retro options from Modcloth. The first I am really considering, the combination of ivory and red is so cute! Imagine how great these would be with a navy blue dress! The second pair, the eyelet peep-toes, would definitely match all of my planned summer sewing but I worry I would get them too dirty! Would it even be possible to clean white cloth shoes? They sure are cute though.

The minty green pair appeal to my love of pastels (even if pastels and my skin tone don't usually get along). They look like sugar in shoe form, super sweet with the lace like detailing in that pastel green. The last pair in black I am thinking about as replacements for my current pair of black t-strap heels which have definitely seen better days. I like the ones I have now much better actually, but I can't find anything similar.

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Here are some more fun options I have been dreaming about. The first two pointy toed pumps are both the Choewia from Aldo. I really like the large polka dots to pair with bright solid colors! The rose print are just really pretty, I don't know how I would wear them, perhaps with a sage green dress? The last pair in the top row are so 1920's, and so inexpensive, that I may give in and get a pair soon to wear with my 20's dresses. The heel height and shape are very vintage for a modern shoe, I would probably find rhinestone shoe clips for the fronts to make them even more art deco glam.

The first pair in the bottom row are just so Roger Vivier 50's looking to me! I would wear them with everything. The white heeled sandals in the center would again match nearly everything I am planning to wear this summer, and being faux leather I could probably manage to keep them looking clean. The last pair in this group is another 20's/30's option I have been looking at. I am pretty sure these are "old lady shoes" being marketed as formal shoes for the octogenarian set, but that probably means they are comfortable! This cognac brown appeals to me for 30's safari inspired outfits. The heel shape isn't right, but the front straps are really quite 20's looking!

What is on your summer wishlist for 2015?


  1. I love the ivory and red ones, they are so cute! The black 1920's style pair have a lovely heel shape.

    1. Me too Kate, they are very high on my wishlist!


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