March 15, 2015

Snapshot and Plans

1) Sometimes, when you are have a rough day, it is best to just get into bed and read Harry Potter.

2) I am so sad the Cartier exhibit here in Denver has come to a close! I'll miss those excellent jewels!

3) Bacon wrapped dates are still my favorite appetizer ever, I need to learn how to make them! So delicious, it's ridiculous how good they are.

4) An art instillation by my brother at a gallery in Denver done with video light projection. It was definitely the coolest piece there, it was nice to see some of his school work!

5) This is a photo of a plaid wool dress that will never be, as I accidentally didn't match the plaid correctly when cutting it out. It really is too bad as I quite liked that fabric and it had been in my stash for ages!

6) More and more snow, and now that we actually have spring weather, I am hoping we wont get anymore snow again this year.

7) Finally sewing the Victorian bustle! Hooray! You all have seen how that turned out!

8) The tropical oasis that is the conservatory at the Denver Botanic Gardens. It was still snowy outside, but inside the giant glass house, it was a warm humid rainforest.

9) Cupcakes from my favorite cupcake bakery in Fort Collins CO. My friend Gina and I drove up to our old college town to have lunch with a friend who was in town and to sample our favorite FOCO restaurants once more!

10) My beautiful cat Gunny being as cute as he can be to distract me from going down to the sewing room.

11) A stack of fabrics waiting to be turned into spring/summer skirts, dresses, and blouses. Some of these fabrics have been waiting a long white to finally become clothes!

12) Then there is brand new fabric that I splurged on this week from Gertie's (of Gertie's Blog For Better Sewing fame) new fabric line with Fabric Traditions and Joanns. I picked up a length of the lovely red rose printed lightweight cotton and have already started turning it into a new blouse!

I am happy to report that after this week's patterning and sewing I have a relatively good mid-century kimono sleeve blouse pattern! I made two blouses with some spare fabric as mock ups that are definitely wearable, and have already finished one actual (not a mock-up) blouse! Ill be showing you all soon I promise! I am struggling with buttonholes though, they just aren't very pretty, which means I may be diving into bound buttonholes this next week for a prettier finish! I remember I made one bound buttonhole in college as part of my sewing techniques class and I remember thinking it was a lot of effort for one little buttonhole!

I also ended up buying a few yards of olive green cotton twill to make a pencil skirt and matching vest for a rather safari inspired outfit. I bought McCalls Archive Collection vest pattern, which is pretty darn cute and I hope it turns out well. I'll probably make a mock-up first in muslin to refine the fit. Basically I am going for an Elsa Schneider (from Indiana Jones) feel with the whole outfit, so hopefully that translates!

I also managed to finish making two new hats this week! I can't wait to share them with you guys. One is a silly feathery 40's tilt hat in shades of aqua and teal that is basically a fluffy pile of feathers, the other is a structured little boater style in thin blue and white stripes! I have a few more hats planned, but have taken a break to start sewing clothes again for now. I have also purchased a few new-to-me vintage hats that required a few fixes like new ribbons and head elastics. I am going to need new/more hat boxes soon to store all of these hats!

I'll take more about my spring/summer sewing plans and style inspirations soon, I hope you all have had a lovely weekend!


  1. Bacon wrapped dates are soooo good, I agree! Bacon + figs are a really smashing combo as well.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Right!? so tasty! I have yet to come across a bacon wrapped fig but I will keep a look out!

  2. Gosh, such sewing and creating busy times going on! Looking forward to seeing the results of it all. You can't beat a bit of Harry Potter escapism!

    1. You really can't beat Harry Potter escapism, Hogwarts is always home!


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