March 9, 2015

A Finished Victorian Bustle

I told you all about my lobster bustle plans recently, and here is the result! In a fall colored paisley fabric, this is Truly Victorians Imperial Tournure Bustle Pattern, but if you can believe it this is the regular size not the imperial. I imagine the imperial must be enormous!

The pattern for the bustle is great, it goes together very well and is actually a relatively easy garment to make. It looks and feels a bit ridiculous, and I love it! This was the first test wearing of my new chemise too, which worked perfectly with my corset and new bustle. Now all I need is a petticoat and the dress to go on top! I plan to order the fabric for the dress this week, but I will make a muslin for the bodice to ensure a good fit. It feels good to get even a small bit of costuming done, but tomorrow I will be back to finishing up a new 40's inspired hat!


  1. "It looks and feels a bit ridiculous, and I love it" - That is such a fabulous, honest, easy to relate to fashion quote. Way to go on completing your bustle, honey. It's nothing short of breathtakingly gorgeous!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. What a creation! It looks great!

  3. This is amazing! And I completely understand about ridiculous items, but they are most often the best!



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