January 23, 2015


1) In what I am hoping will become a new tradition, my brother asked if we could watch Lord of the Rings on Christmas Eve, and I never say no to Lord of the Rings! I definitely think we need to do the same again next year.

2) Like cats all over the world, our cat Gunny loves a good box (or any box...) so he enjoyed Christmas morning as much as we do!

3) I had my first meal of 2015 at my favorite breakfast place in Littleton called Toast! They have the most amazing breakfast food and a huge menu. My favorites include the chorizo breakfast burrito and the pumpkin spice french toast!

4) I decided to upgrade my make-up routine for 2015 by getting some new brushes and products. Most of this stuff is just from ELF, the best inexpensive brand ever that you can easily find at Target. I have tried some new products from other brands too that I will review for you guys soon!

5) Here is my new peacock patterned pencil skirt while it was still being made. So far I have made 3 new pencil skirts in 2015, so I need to slow down and sew something else for a while.

6) I am not really enjoying the January weather, not being the biggest fan of snow, I would prefer rain any day. Snow is pretty for a while, but then it just gets dirty and makes driving more annoying. We did have a couple of weird foggy days though recently that I enjoyed, made everything a bit more atmospheric.

7) I recently visited my other favorite restaurant here in Denver, Linger, for lunch with my mom. These are their bacon wrapped dates, which are literally my favorite food. I could eat these for every meal. I'll be going back to Linger again soon because I can't stay away from their delicious menu!

8) A snap of Sandy Skoglund's piece Fox Games at the Denver Art Museum. I am not always the biggest fan of contemporary art (being so enamored with the past instead), but I really love this playful instillation.

9) I have had this aqua blue leaf and glass bulbs brooch since last summer and it has become one of my favorites. I got it on Etsy for a steal at 5 dollars! When I saw a pink and purple version of the exact same brooch pop up later, I knew I had to have it. The twin brooch is just as pretty and I can't wait to wear it!

Things have settled into place again after all of the holiday madness. I had trouble getting back into the swing of my routine for a few days but now I am back to working and sewing! I have so many sewing projects I want to work on the rest of this winter and into spring. I am already planning ahead for summer too, I have some fabrics from last year that never got transformed. I have a list of projects both retro and historical planned for the year ahead. Mostly I just need to get a move on with my Victorian chemise and bustle!

I also received my other Colour Pop order in the mail today! I am so in love with these eye shadows, it is dangerous! I caved and ordered the limited edition Not a Box of Chocolates holiday set as I didn't want to miss out on the colors it included. You can see them swatched on my arm there above. My favorite so far is called partridge, the brown and green duo-chrome shade. I can't wait to create some fun looks with these new shadows! I am going to try and work on getting a YouTube channel started soon for hair and make-up tutorials, and of course you all will be the first to know when that happens!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. I've heard such good things about ELF! For years it wasn't available here in Canada, but at Christmas time I saw a few ELF products at Winners (like TJ Maxx here in Canada) and my eyes lit up like fireworks! I haven't bought any yet, but plan to this year and can't wait to see how I find it to be after years of wanting to try this budget-friendly brand.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I definitely have a lot ELF products in my daily routine that I adore. I use their eye primers (regular and glitter primers), their eyebrow kit, a bright pink blush from them, and a few of their brushes almost everyday. I did buy their primer recently and didn't like it, but I think that is just because I don't really like silicone based primers. I'm glad the brand is filtering into Canada!

  2. Those brooches are so pretty. It is great that you managed to find the pink one. I wonder if there are other colours out there?

    1. Thank you Kate! I adore them <3 I couldn't believe it when I saw the pink one pop up on Etsy, I had to have it! If there are other colors I wouldn't be able to resist them either, I'd love one in either silver or gold with black and white baubles!


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