December 8, 2014

Rocky Mountain View

Yes this is what I wear to go hiking....just kidding, I don't hike. Actually, this beautiful spot is just around the corner from where I live. Accessed via a semi gravel road, the views are quite spectacular!
Though dotted with families hiking and picnicking by day, the park is actually the local teenage haunt in the evenings. A bit of a lover's lane if you will, or just a place to drink and not get caught. I'll admit I did used to come up here with friends back in high school, but not for anything salacious, all ages enjoy a good picnic and a wonderful view after all. Though the view of the front range and the rocky mountains is pretty spectacular from here, if you turn the other direction you can see clear past Denver and beyond. By night, the view of the sparkling lights from the city and every suburban area around is pretty awesome too. 

I finally got to wear my new orange plaid pencil skirt this weekend after having to take it apart and add two tiny pleats in the back to make it fit. As much as I hate nearly finishing a sewing project and then finding it too big, it is usually an easier fix than accidentally making something too small. I love the colors of this plaid, even if they are bit more suited to fall than the coming winter. We have been having some wonderfully mild (even, dare I say, warm?) days here in Denver that have been much appreciated!

There are a few things I would change about this outfit however, different tights and shoes! I am still looking for some high quality sheer navy tights, or even navy tulle/fishnet tights. I also am in desperate need of a pair of navy blue heels as every pair I own seem to be black! Navy shoes are high on my Christmas list, so I'm hoping I'll soon be able to cross them off my wishlist. I could use a brown pair too, these problems arise when one has long been a devotee of black and black only.

The coat in some of these photos is a vintage find from way back in high school. I used to comb thrift stores for vintage with friends back in my school days, but strangely I don't anymore. I still have some awesome finds from my thrifting days, including this navy wool coat with raccoon (dyed to look like fox) fur trimmings. I will write about my opinions on fur (challenging? conflicted?) at a later date but I should note that I will wear vintage fur, but I have stopped buying it. I also scored a long beautiful light tan 70's does 40's coat at the same thrift store that I still wear. That store used to have some great pieces hiding in the piles of acid washed levi's and other horrible 80's monstrositys. Recently realizing how little vintage clothing I actually have has made me want to start thrifting again, perhaps its something I will do more of in 2015!

Coat: Vinatge
Sweater: GAP
Skirt: Made by me
Tights: Target
Shoes: Modcloth
Brooch: Vinatge (local market)
Earrings: National Gallery in DC giftshop
Snood: Vivienne of Holloway
Anecdote about this snood from my time as a student in London; I had known of the repro company Vivienne of Holloway before I left for England and then it so happened my "dorm" building was on Holloway road in London. I didn't make the connection until I arrived that, of course, the brand was based right there on Holloway road! I went into the shop and could only afford to buy two little snoods on my thin student budget but it was a lovely shopping experience! I was so chuffed (as the brits would say) to find this lovely repro brand on the very road where I lived!

These shoes were made for bouldering, don't you think?


  1. I have fur issues too, so I'll be interested to read about your take on it. But this coat is so gorgeous! Actually the whole outfit is just perfect :)

    I still go op shopping a lot, but I don't get a lot of vintage that way. In fact, I'm realising just this week that I have hardly any vintage clothes that actually fit me right now. I need to remedy that too!

    1. Thanks Tanith! This coat is a bit small on my now, but I can't stop loving it, it was such a good find!

      I too have hardly any vintage clothing that currently fits! I don't have much to begin with, but my favorite dress (a late 50's/early 60's black cocktail dress of win) is probably 2 sizes too small for me! I wore it a few times back in high school and it is a serious gem that I doubt I'll ever fit into again, but I just can't let it go!


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