December 27, 2014

New Creations 2014

 Whew! Somehow 2014 is nearing its close, and it's time to both look back on 2014, and to start making new goals for the year ahead. I have several end of the year posts planned (more for my own satisfaction than anything else) and it will be good to remember just how much I accomplished this year when it comes to blogging and sewing!

I decided to compile a list of the sewing projects I completed this year, with links to outfit posts where you can see the garments in action!

 The Great List of Sewing Projects Completed in 2014:

- Dark berry colored brocade wiggle dress
- Plum colored velvet 1920's tabbard dress
- Black lame polka dot 1920's dress
- Green fern print 1920's dress
- Japanese scenic print cotton wiggle dress
- Red floral 50's summer dress
- Red and white polka dot 50's dress
- Black tropical flowers 50's wiggle dress
- Bright feather print 1920's dress
- Black and pink floral 1920's dress
- Black and gold brocade Renaissance inspired dress
- Navy plaid 1920's day dress
- Fall colors 1920's dress
- Olive green brocade dress
- Teal ikat 1920's dress
- Black moire 1920's evening dress
- Berry colored brocade renaissance inspired dress

Total: 17

- Green plaid wool pencil skirt
- Red digital print pencil skirt
- Black tropical print cotton pencil skirt
- Indian orange brocade pencil skirt
- Black cotton twill pencil skirt
- Navy blue cotton twill pencil skirt
- Orange plaid pencil skirt
- Black and green brocade pencil skirt

Total: 8

- Black and white medallion pattern blouse
- Black and white silk polka dot blouse
- Multicolored floral blouse
- Star print blouse
- 3/4 sleeve star print blouse

Total: 5

- Edwardian corset
- Black and White Edwardian evening gown
- 18th century stays (finally finished them, hold over from 2013)
- 18th century floral jacket and black petticoat
- Black late Victorian corset

Total: support garments, 3, ensembles, 2

 In total, that's over 35 separate garments! That's certainly more sewing than I have ever done before! As always I have many more projects planned for the year ahead, including more costuming. I received some Truly Victorian patterns for Christmas and I'm excited to dive into a late bustle era traveling gown. I also have half a dozen 20's-50's dresses planned, I just have to buy some lining fabric and find the time to sew! I am still hoping to eek out a velvet dress for New Years, but we will have to see what time permits!


  1. Wow! I always enjoy your project posts, but until you listed them all together I hadn't realised how many there were. You are so prolific! I'm very impressed and jealous :) Well done!

    1. Thanks Tanith! I hadn't realized either, I don't think I have ever counted them all up before!

  2. My word, what an incredibly productive, inspiring year you've had, sweet dear. I've loved seeing the projects you've shared with us here and really must tell you again how phenomenally talented I think you are.

    Happiest New Year's countdown wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! As always you are too kind, I'm not a very patient seamstress which means I sew fast, though not always very well!

      Happy New year to you too! :)

  3. I am amazed by how much sewing you have done in the past year! I want to get to grips with my sewing machine this coming year.

    1. Thank you! I was too ha ha, you can do it, sewing can be frustrating sometimes but it is so rewarding!


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