October 16, 2014

His Girl Friday

Trying my best to fulfill my goal of watching more "old" films this year, I watched His Girl Friday last night! The film came out in 1940 and stars Rosalind Russel and Cary Grant as ex-husband and wife newspaper journalists. How quaint you guys, they still had newspapers! Just kidding, but it is strange to think how important newspapers used to be in the decades before TV. Anyway, Russel plays Hildy, a tough and clever reporter who has clearly earned the respect of her fellow (all male) reporters in the business. Grant plays her editor and former husband, Walter Burns, is as charming as can be! I'm not sure if I had ever actually seen a film with Cray Grant before, but count me as a fan now, he's pretty dreamy I'v gotta say!

The film centers around Walter trying to win Hildy back, both as his star reporter and as his wife. Antics ensue all while a controversial hanging case has the press in a tizzy trying to keep up. Hildy is a reporter at heart and cant seem to shake her natural talent for journalism even as she says she is quitting. His Girl Friday is non-stop from beginning to end, with barely a pause in the high speed and wonderfully clever dialog. I especially appreciated Hildy being such a fabulous career woman in even in an older film, though she says she wants to be a housewife she clearly has the respect of the boys club of reporters, and no one ever talks down to her for being a woman. Though this isn't a fashion heavy film, Hildy does wear a few super cute suits, including the striped number below.

Classic 40's tailoring at it's best! 

I definitely recommend the film if you haven't seen it, great leads and clever writing make this film a winner even today!


  1. Haven't seen this one yet. It sounds awesome. I have mixed feelings about Cary Grant from the various movies I've seen him in, and I've been seeing a few more of his recently. I love him in some of his roles and in others he's a bit too suave and confident for me!

  2. I love the you highlighted some stills with her AMAZING chevron/pinstripe hat in them. That has long stood out as one of the sartorial highlights of this great film for me.

    ♥ Jessica


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