September 22, 2014


1.My last official day as an intern at the Denver Art Museum! Luckily I am still there in another part-time capacity, working on some digital projects for a few more days over the next few weeks. I don't want to leave!

2. & 3. At a fancy restaurant downtown, the rooftop was beautiful until it started to rain! The food was super tasty though, exceptional sweet potato french fries! Check out the Dorchester Social Eatery if you happen to be in Denver.

4. New scented candles make life better, it is a fact. My newest one is from Glade, of all brands, and the scent is Woodside Library. I love woodsy scents and this candle definitely fits the bill!

5. Our first legitimately rainy day of fall. The rain reminds me of London now, a city I miss more than any other I have ever visited. One day I'll call it home, seeing as I seemed to have left part of my heart there when I left.

6. Rain was sadly followed soon after by snow! In September! No on has time for that guys, of course it was back to 80 degrees the next day, but still...

7. I asked the barista if a pumpkin spice chi tea latte was a thing, and she obliged! Delicious

8. I ran an errand for my mom over to a local stationary and paper shop. What a dangerous place for me! I came away with this stunning rich orange marbled paper and some stationary for snail mail.

9. Studying up for this months upcoming Closet Histories posts! I have come to the conclusion that each post takes between 5-9 hours to create between collection images, links, information and writing everything up! Keeping my fashion history knowledge sharp is definitely worth the time!

10. The first day of fall may have only just come and gone, but the leaves in our yard are already changing color.

11. Malachite nails! You guys know my obsession with malachite! I'll show you how to get this mani for yourself later this week!

12. And of course this past weekend I finally had a photo shoot for my lovely jacket, feels so good to be done with that project!

I am nearing completion on my first Renaissance inspired fall/winter dress! I spent all day yesterday toiling over the sleeves. There were several parts and patterns to figure out and I am so so happy with how the first run has come out! All I have left to do is put in the zipper, hem the dress and attach the finished outer sleeves over the (sheer gold metallic silk ! ) under-sleeves. I think the dress is going to be pretty amazing. When showing my mom the progress she said "where are you going to wear said dress?" because it is super Renaissance-tastic for the modern world, but I plan on wearing it to dinner or out shopping because life is short. If dressing a bit like a Bronzino makes me feel good then I shall! Suburbia could use the shake up!

I actually have been meaning to talk about style in a broader sense, what it means to dress vintage or different in suburban America. It can be hard being the one to stand out sometimes, or even worse, easy to blend in instead of dressing for one's own pleasure. Perhaps soon I'll get down to business and write about my experiences with personal style here in the middle of America.

Till then, it's back down to the sewing room for me! I hope you are all having a lovely Monday!

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