September 5, 2014

Fall Wishlist 2014

Have you guys seen the Joseph Altuzarra for Target collection yet? It is amazing, like really beautiful and oh-my-goodness I want everything amazing! Mostly I am obsessed the the blouses/sweater above. As you may have noticed, I love pencil skirts, and bow blouses look just perfect with a pencil skirt. That's why I simply must acquire the sheer black swiss dot bow blouse above from this collection! It is like my dream blouse <3
The black sweater with golden cranes is also pretty amazing. There is a dress also with these cranes, but I think I prefer the sweater. The last blouse featured here is dark red and sparkling so...yes on that too. I know there is no way I can possibly both a. get my hands on all three of these items, and b. afford all three of them, but a girl can dream!

1. H&M
2. Forever21
3. Forever21
4. Modcloth
5. Modcloth
6. Modcloth
More blouses to be worn with pencil skirts! From H&M and Forever21 respectively. I also need new black of course I got distracted in Modcloth's shoe section and found lots of heels I really like and no flats!
1. Zara
2. Etsy
3. Etsy
4. Etsy
How about some accessories? This belt is super gorgeous and would match and also add glam to any outfit! The necklace above is just super pretty, iridescent feathers are always good.  Some of you may be like "what is that #3 thing?" Well my friends, that is a nail stamping plate, the designs are etched into the thin metal plate where they can be transferred onto your nail via magic! Aka, these little metal plates allow you to create instant amazing nail art. The earrings (#4) are made to imitate Georgian jewelry and are just super pretty. Lastly I think I would like a new vintage hat and one with sequins couldn't hurt!

I have done another massive closet clean out and will be taking everything to a Plato's Closet or a similar shop soon to see if I can sell any of it; in order to get some new clothes for this fall of course! I'm glad to see so many bow blouses and dark jewel tones showing up in stores this year! Though sewing a new wardrobe myself (from fabric I already own mind you) is my top priority, I still love shopping too! I just have to decide what few things I want to actually invest in from my rather long wishlist this season.

I think that first blouse from Target is certainly going to be one of the winners, it's just so perfect! Anyways, I hope you guys are having a great Friday! TGIF right?


  1. I've only seen it in a magazine (I want to say Elle Canada, but don't quote me there) and fell hard instantly. In fact, it's the only Target collection I've ever looked at and lusted after. I have no idea if it will come to Canada, but I'm hoping it will, as we have a Target an hour away from us in Kelowna (Canadian Targets pale compared to the States, but I'm still glad that the chain jumped over the 49th two or three years ago all the same, as we have so few big, affordable chains like that left up here any more).

    If either of us purchase anything from the collection, we'll have to let the other know.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I think only one location in near me is getting the collection so I will have to race over there and hope for the best. One of the things I missed (and this is sad ha ha) while living in London was being able to shop at Target, sometimes you just want to be able to buy cute clothes, produce and dvd's all in one place! I'm glad they have Target up there, even if it isn't quite the same


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