August 9, 2014

Taking Time to Paint

Yesterday was not my day off, that glorious day comes tomorrow! I did, however, have some time early in the day before work to get a few things done. Instead of finishing up some sewing like I should have been, I took out a few naked canvases and went to town Jackson Pollock style with oil paint. Sometimes, a girl just has to paint.

For my entire childhood/adolescence, when ever an adult asked what I wanted to be when I grew up the answer was "an artist". Specifically, I wanted to be a watercolorist.  Then I opened Vogue magazine and decided fashion was like art you could wear and shifted focus. That doesn't mean I don't itch to pick up my paintbrushes sometimes. Even to just do something abstract like I did yesterday. I think it's important to remember that art doesn't have to be "good" to make you feel good when you are doing it. Not that there is a definition of "good" art really anyway. I think these little canvases will look good in my future home one-day in big gaudy gold frames. Elevating your projects (or your kid's art even, if you happen to be a parent) to museum worthy status takes only a ridiculously over the top frame I figure. I also finished up a long forgotten still life of two pomegranates that had been sitting around my studio for ages. A little abstract messy fun and a little quazi-realism both made for a lovely change of pace.

I still should have been sewing though! Luckily I plan to devote my precious day off to doing just that!

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